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APKG 1 dan 2: Strategi Meningkatkan Kemampuan Guru dalam Pembelajaran Terpadu

Studies showing evidence for either spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation altering neuromuscular function [The studies have been categorised (column 4) as delivering spinal adjustments (A) or spinal manipulation (B) based on the reason authors give for thrusting on the spine, with their exact wording presented in column 3]

  • We put the questions in Anki format, because Anki provides the review schedule needed to make remembering things easy. We have found that the Anki approach is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, especially when combined withthe memory handles that we describe in the Memorization Guides files. You can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn in a given time period.To use these files, you'll need to install the Anki application. Be aware that there are other flashcard programs that can also use the Anki *.apkg file format. Since Anki for iPhones is not free, I tried AnkiApp and was dissapointed with the review schedule it uses. I don't recommend it. On most platforms you will probably want to install Anki before downloading the files, but on some Android phones I recommend that you download the files first using Firefox or a similar browser that gives you access to the downloaded files. Then install the Anki App and open each file from the view of dowloaded files to load them into Anki. When I tried downloading Anki first, I was getting errors that the slide deck was corrupted.

  • Download the Anki flash card files for the chapters you want by clicking on each of the related *.apkg files. Anki will load all the cards into the "Daniel and Esther" card-deck within Anki. You will have the cards for all the languages. If you arecurrently insterested in studing only one language, you can delete the others. The Anki manual for your device will describe how to search for cards that have a specific tag, how to select them, and how to delete them. If you accidentally delete cards you didn't intend to delete, it will be easiest to get them back, if you perform the deletion before you begin your first Anki study session.Each English card has a tag of "en".

  • Each Spanish card has a tag of "es".

  • Each French card has a tag of "fr".

  • Each Hebrew card has a tag of "iw".

  • Each German card has a tag of "de".

  • Before starting your first Anki session, decide how much time you want to spend each day using it. Limit your first Anki session to 1/4 of thatamount of time.

  • In the options for the deck, set the "New cards/day" to be no more than the number of new cards that you learned in that session. This will help ensure that you don't get overwhelmed later with the number of cards that will need to be reviewed.

  • If you do find later, that you have too many cards to review anyway, I suggest you set the "new cards/day" to zero. Then after several days, when you are no longer overwhelmed, increase it slowly.

  • The Anki manual explains how you can create filtered decks and how to move cards from one deck to another. To facilitate this, we have applied several tags to each card. Each card is assigned a language tag (as explained above: en, es, fr, iw, de)

  • a chapter tag (Dan01, Dan02, Dan03... Est01, Est02, Est03...)

  • a tag for the type of card:deq = Daniel and Esther Question

  • der = Daniel and Esther Reference (this is a reversable card with a picture shown on one side and the reference to the verse shown on the other side)

  • def = Daniel and Esther Full Verse ( a picture is shown on the front and the reference and the full verse are on the back)

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