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Ts Dreambox Player 7.0-setup Version 11

over the years, the dreambox has become a very popular receiver for many reasons. first, it has amazing signal reception and a dynamic range that is hard to match. if you aren't seeing the full potential of your antenna, the dreambox can help you. and with its qam tuner, you can watch digital tv anywhere from anywhere in the world.

ts dreambox player 7.0-setup version 11

the same black matrix appears on the sides of the screens in every model. these are the borders on the edges of the screen where the pixel screens end and the actual tv black go. the reason for this is rather simple - the lcd screens use very thin glass. the glass in these edges is thinner than the screen itself, and therefore must be protected.

when you're dealing with a big switch like this, it's always a good idea to get your hands dirty. nothing ever beats actually experiencing the setup for yourself, and it's pretty easy to screw up if you're not familiar with that particular gadget. so get down to business. and by business we mean screwing around.

i also flashed the google now launcher onto the dreambox, so i could make use of google's data features and so on.i am planning on doing an in-depth in-depth review of this box in the future but just for now i want to get more used to it. hopefully there will be more updates following the release of the updates for the dreamboxs, as well as the x96 and of course the upcoming dreambox d1 (and hope for an led remote).

2015/09/05 - update version 11 and minor patches. upgrade takes approx. 40minutes, approx 20minutes for download and 20minutes for upgrade. now stream the pch-110 over the network (enet, http etc) - and its very nice! it is plenty stable for my use.

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