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Toddlers love the excitement this toy brings: They can feed it four easy-to-grasp balls, press a button and watch as the air pops them all out again for kids to chase and return. It lets them get their energy out while working on their fine-motor coordination. Ages 9 months+


The kit comes with more than 100 traceable images that kids can mix and match to make their own designs, and the backlight makes tracings easy to see no matter the setting. It comes with a graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets and 10 blank sheets. Ages 6+

If your kids are just getting started on their adventures in the kitchen, this will give them 50 easy recipes they can use to get started. In addition to instructions for how to make things like Ooey-Gooey Glazed Cinnamon Rolls or Totally Twisted Pasta with Cherry Tomato Sauce, it also offers tips from Good Housekeeping experts on kitchen tools and techniques. Once they've mastered these, they can move on to Good Housekeeping Kids Cook! Ages 4+

This one gives kids' minds and fingers a workout! Colored lights flash in a pattern, and then players are challenged to repeat it. Good Housekeeping testers appreciated that it had different modes of play, including single player and head-to-head (and, our favorite, silent). Ages 7+

Totally kid-powered, these race cars really go when kids jump on the air launcher. Good Housekeeping testers loved doing head-to-head match-ups to see which car could go farther. There's also a ramp that sends the vehicles flying into the air! Ages 5+

With this set, kids can learn the basics of 3D printing. The pen melts the compound (without getting too hot), and then an activity guide will give them inspiration for what they can design and make. There's also a kit for kids ages 4+ that comes with molds they can use to make small figures. Ages 6+

Squishmallows are all the rage these days for both kids and tweens alike. The super soft and cuddly creatures are collectible and come in a variety of adorable shapes, sizes and colors. They'll love unwrapping one of these puffy creatures.

The long winter months can be torture for kids who prefer life on the sports field. Keep your tiny sports fan entertained during snow days with an Indoor Bowling Set. The pins and ball are made out of rubber, so you won't have to suffer through the cacophony of crashing bowling pins, and it comes with a pin set-up template as well as a see-through plastic backpack so the game can easily be transported out to the lawn once the weather turns.

If you've got a kid on your list who already has a collection of Magna-Tiles, take their building set to the next level with Doodle Tiles. The kit enables kids to create their own custom-designed magnetic tiles that they can mix with their set of standard Magna-Tiles. With a set of Doodle Tiles the only thing that will limit their creations is their imagination.

Kids who are curious about birds, bees, and the natural world will appreciate the gift of a pair of binoculars designed just for them. These lightweight, colorful binoculars are easy for kids to use, and come with a neck strap so they won't get dropped too often. Pair them with a bird sticker book and see how many feathered friends they can identify.

Kids who love to build and create will love the ZOOB Mind-Building Modeling System. What sets ZOOBs apart from other building toys is that the pieces include gears, axels and joints that snap together, thereby enabling kids to move and rotate whatever it is that they build. Zoobs have been a favorite toy in our house for years, and we're planning to add to our collection with a Creepy Glow Creatures add-on set.

If the kid in your life dreams of one day performing on "America's Got Talent," why not encourage their aspirations with a wireless microphone? The Bonaok pairs wirelessly with Bluetooth so they can perform their best karaoke songs right at home. It also comes in a variety of bright and metallic hues so they can have one in their favorite color.

Give them the gift of their very own monthly magazine subscription. No matter where their interests lie, there's an age-appropriate magazine that's just right. My animal-loving 9-year-old looks forward to getting Ranger Rick every month, and his sister is a big fan of Highlights for kids.

Blume dolls are cute little dolls with big heads of hair that grow out of their flower pots when kids water them. The Skyrocket Rainbow Sparkle Surprise includes three glittery Blume dolls plus a rainbow that rains. The rainbow can be re-used again and again, and the flower pots can be repurposed to hold mini plants.

Bright Fairy Friends are adorable little dolls who arrive in their very own twinkling fairy jar. Each doll has light-up wings, and they come with six different fairy surprises like glitter jars and hair clips. You never know which BFF you're going to get, which means kids will definitely want to collect them all.

We're big fans of dolls from the American Girl Historical Collection because they're a great way for kids to learn about the past while they play. Plus the coordinating book series can engage even the most reluctant readers.

Bring the night sky right into their room with USA Toyz 3-in-1 Interactive Constellation and World Globe. During the day, kids can learn about geography on this colorful large globe, and at night simply plug it in and see the night sky come to life on the ceiling of their room. Spin the globe to watch the constellations change based on location.

Hedbanz is quite honestly one of the best games to play with kids. It moves quickly so no one gets bored, and it almost always ends with someone laughing really hard. We got it as a gift several years ago and it's still one of our favorites.

Science-minded kids ages 8 and up will go gaga over GraviTrax, a super cool kit that enables them to design and build their own marble runs. There are no electronics here, just plain old science in the form of gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. Kids will spend hours designing different track systems to discover which is the fastest.

Let your fashion-forward kiddo show their true colors with a pair of leggings they can color themselves. Terez Coloring Book Leggings have cute designs and come with a set of washable fabric markers so kids can make their mark (literallyon their clothing.

Encourage the artistically-inclined kids on your shopping list with an ArtSnacks for Kids box. Each box includes full-size premium art supplies, a palette for their paints, high-quality papers and a link to an instructional video taught by the founder of the company, an artist herself.

Older kids will love this game that brings the fun of an escape room right to their house. Escape the Crate sends all the clues they'll need to solve a series of increasingly difficult challenges. It's fun for both older kids and parents alike and is a great way to get squabbling siblings to work together.

Generally, kids tend to like anything new that aligns with their passions and/or items that are popular among other kids their age. For example, if they love sports, a team jersey or new sports equipment will likely be well-received. Buying them the new toy that everyone is talking about is also a good bet.

Our all time bestselling book is a classic gift for any little in your life, really! Packed with 120 pages of adventure, it includes 30 fictional stories featuring buddies from different countries, followed by a snapshot on each culture, with fun facts and engaging activities. It also comes with stickers featuring all the buddies, and a pop-up map of the world!

Chosen as one of the top toys of the season, this fun first camera enables kids as young as 4 to click, preview and print photos right away. It comes with enough paper for 80 images, and kids can add stickers, filters and borders to any pic. They can also turn their snapshots into drawings to color themselves. Buying for someone a bit older? These gifts for photographers are picture-perfect.

This adorable emotional support learning toy helps children calm down by guiding them through deep breathing exercises prompted by light. Kids inhale as Pawz illuminates, then exhale as the light fades. The calming companion also has a night light function with various color choices, and a timer that can be set at five, 15 or 30 minutes. Buy a few of these affordable pets for stocking stuffers for kids.

Need gifts for kids who are constantly begging you for a pet? This Mama Surprise Little Live Pets set gives them four furry friends (a mom and three babies), without any of the mess. Kids can nurture and take care of their guinea pig by patting her, feeding her and brushing her hair while awaiting the arrival of her three little ones.

The Barbie three-in-one DreamCamper, a van with a swimming pool that transforms into a truck and a boat, is a sure-to-please gift idea for kids. Children love all the surprises and many functions it performs, and of course, bringing Barbie and her friends on a camping adventure.

Fans of the classic Memory game will love this updated electronic version. Memorize the light sequence for as long as possible without missing a beat. There are five different modes, randomized patterns and 21 light-up tiles to play solo or with a friend. And since this game is designed for kids ages 7 to 107, it makes a fun Secret Santa gift.

The best gifts for kids are the ones they can eat, right? Raddish Kids is a unique subscription service that makes learning to cook a fun, immersive, exciting and educational experience. Designed by chefs and educators, each kit has a new theme and includes recipe guides, cooking tools, activities, games, crafts, an apron patch and online access to other interactive extras. Bon appetit!

Designed by Panisa Khunprasert for MoMa Design Store, this wooden combo chess and checkers is a great gift for kids of all ages. It has bold colors and comes in a compact case (the dual-sided board serves as the cover of the box). 041b061a72

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