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Portrait Of A Call Girl XXX ((LINK))

Elle is a character who is a call girl with issues in her past. Through a series of sexual experiences she is able to find and accept herself, and discover the possibilities of personal freedom. She is young, somewhat naive, and she has done wrong. She is romanced by materialism, and a type of lifestyle, but deep down something isn't right about the way she feels about herself. This manifests itself in her sexual emotions, and her dynamics, and this enables her to experience and come to terms with her deeper feelings of guilt and a lack of self worth. The story is intended to be a visually poetic and sexually powerful journey towards acquiring the freedom she has been searching for by being honest with herself, taking responsibility, and making amends.

Portrait of a Call Girl XXX

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"Wasteland" (Elegant Angel). Director Graham Travis ("Portrait of a Call Girl") returned with a sophomore effort that is artistically rooted in "Portrait of a Call Girl," but with "Wasteland" he told an emotional story about a rekindled friendship between Anna (Lily Carter) and Jacky (Lily LaBeau). With stellar performances from Carter and LaBeau, as well as solid direction and editing by Travis, it's not surprising that it was screened last month at the L.A. International Underground Film Festival. "Wasteland" is nominated for 15 AVN Awards and 12 XBIZ Awards, including Best Actress (Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau), Best Original Song, Best Director: Feature, and Best Drama, and is arguably the frontrunner in many of those categories.

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There were men working in groups along the way,gathering the ruins of the destroyed buildings into large containers, then carrying themto makeshift wheelbarrows which were large enough so several people were needed to pushone. One nearly overturned, just then, as they were passing close by, and the men swore inunison. Yet, these men didn't have the hopeless, defeated countenance she had rememberedseeing on the workers during the war. Eva offered the first information, "Every manhas to work a number of hours each week. They call it labour service." The girl wasthinking it over. It wasn't easy. Her mind has been numb for so long, trained not to thinkor question. But these men did not seem like the once she had last seen clearing therubbish. That was in the beginning of winter. Before the convent. Those were Jewish men,wearing yellow armbands, guarded by the uniformed Nazi guards who yelled their orders,with their guns pointing at backs of the silently working men. "Jewish?" thegirl finally asked. "No." Eva didn't add, that there were not many able-bodiedJewish men left in the city.

But there was colour, splashes of red in almostevery block as the wind stretched the red Soviet flags. In the middle of the red flagspictures of a sickle and a hammer in white on every one of them. Huge portraits of two menwere displayed with the flags, their names written in large, black block letters in redbackground. Their pictures looked much friendlier than did Hitler's. Lenin looked kind,and someone whose help you wouldn't refuse, but Gittle liked the pictures of Stalin more.Stalin reminded her of her father with his wide shoulders and his moustache and his proudposture. There were no swastikas displayed with the pictures.

Aunt Hermina greeted her with a hug, and the childthought she was glad to see her. Perhaps she was glad to see she was alive. Marika was aspretty as she had remembered her. The smell of cooking hit her stomach with unexpectedforce, and Aunt Hermina didn't waste time to feed her. The soup had a real soupy taste, ataste she now found in her memory, but had not been able to recall before. She couldhardly control herself not to show how hungry she was as her stomach craved for food. Theydidn't ask her any questions and they talked about how they would get food for tomorrow.

Aunt Hermina, forever sensitive to the feelings ofothers, tried to find out if she had lice. She said they all had had a bad case of it, andbefore Gittle went to bed her hair should be treated. Her girls were cleaning up aftersupper and the Aunt sat up a chair in the small room next to the kitchen, that didn't havea maid living in it for a long time.

Water was being boiled, and the Aunt washed her offwith a washcloth and soap, rinsed her head with clean water not using any soap, so itwould not be irritated further. The girls went to bed already, and Gittle was fallingasleep on her feet. All that time, Aunt Hermina was talking to her, telling her how fasther hair will grow, but she was beyond caring, she just wanted to sleep.

They were looking at the child curiously, as if shewere an alien creature or a strange bug they had never seen. Aunt Hermina tried to makelight of her lice and the dark spots, the marks of old scabs, on her forehead. CousinBozsi was the only one addressing the child directly. In her loud, demanding voice shesaid, "Well, aren't you going to thank Uncle Guszti?" The stupid girl obviouslyneeded help to understand. She was looking back at her cousin, not reacting. "He hadsaved your life." the Cousin was helping. The child had no clue what she meant, shelast saw Uncle Guszti at the offices of the Jewish Council when he handed her over to thestrange lady who had left her at the door of the convent.

Aunt Hermina came home one day, and as soon as sheclosed the front door, she excitedly called Gittle. She had a surprise for her. A group ofchildren were being taken for a two week summer vacation to Zagreb, Yugoslavia. She hadmanaged to get Gittle on the list. The train would leave in two days time, and now she hasto start washing her things to get her ready.

It was late afternoon when the train arrived. Thewoman who had accompanied the children on the journey called their name from a list, andthey were seated on a long bench in the station, while a group of adults, mainly couples,looked on with interest. Soon it became evident that those were the people whose house thechildren were to stay. Each couple picked out a child, a child whose face appealed tothem, using the same technique they would picking a piece of fruit. Healthy looking,smiling, attractive children were picked first, naturally.

The woman was clearly agitated and more so as timewent by. She checked her watch every few minutes, and finally she turned to talk to thetwo girls. She had to catch the train back, she said. They should stay on the bench andwait, the people who wanted them would be there shortly. For sure. Then she turned, andleft the two children sitting on the bench, in a strange city in a strange country.

They walked fast on the already dark streets, thegirls almost at run to keep up. Finally they turned into a gate next to, what looked like,an old synagogue. The couple lived in the small house in the back of the synagogue. Theirapartment contained a large kitchen, and they stepped right into it, without the ceremonyof a hall or vestibule. There was another door, leading to another room they didn't get tosee, because the woman pointed towards two narrow cots at the end of the kitchen, and toldthem that is where they would be sleeping. When they were asked if they were hungry, theypolitely refused according to the rules of etiquette they had been taught, thinking theywould be asked again. They were not. There was no bathroom, but an outhouse, which was thefirst experience for both girls. They went to bed without further talk or washing.

It was an early household. Very early. It wasSunday, but there was something going on in the synagogue, and the man of the house wentto work. The girls watched him have breakfast from their beds. The couple didn't speak toeach other or to the girls. When their breakfast was put on the table, the woman gesturedfor them to come to eat.

They were hungry, and sat quickly to eat. In thebowl front of them there was something neither girl recognized, something solid and deepyellow covered with milk. The woman finally asked them for their names. Kati was the firstto taste the yellow food, made a face but continued to eat. Gittle disliked milk. Shecautiously dipped her spoon in the bowl, and let the milk drip out before tasting theyellow substance. Her stomach objected to the invasion the same time the smell of itassailed her senses. "It's a cereal made of corn flour. Don't you like puliszka?"the woman asked. Gittle didn't realize she was being watched, and she couldn't trustherself to speak, so she just shook her head. "We eat a lot of puliszkahere." offered the woman, whose name they still didn't know.

Gittle was watching as Kati heroically, if slowly,was eating the yellow mass. Her stomach was still in turmoil, but she realized she had totry to eat some. She pushed the food around in the bowl for a while, thinking she mightfool the woman, but not being able to swallow another bite. When they could finally leavethe table, Gittle was no longer hungry for the very thought of food would make her sick.

Slowly, the two girls began to talk to each otheras they were walking towards the street while watching for signs from their host to stopthem. The man behaved as he had not seen them at all.


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