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Where Can I Buy Bandage Scissors BEST

How many times have you gone into a patient's room to change a dressing or to the scene of an accident and needed your scissors to cut clothing and realize you don't have them? We know it happens because it has happened to us! Our medical/bandage scissors are some of the BEST on the market with a serrated blade made of 420 stainless steel that will cut through the thickest of bandages or pair of blue jeans with ease. Our scissors also feature a clip that will allow you to clip them to your belt buckle or anywhere that is convenient.

where can i buy bandage scissors


From the hospital to the field, these scissors are EXACTLY what you need. And at a perfect size of 19cm, these medical scissors will allow you to do the toughest jobs with ease and quickness when others depend on you the most.

The trauma shears are designed to cut through heavy materials in a quick, safe and reliable fashion. The serrated blade makes the shears ideal for slicing through clothing, bandages, tape and other materials. The blunt end of the shears keeps patients safe from accidental cuts or slices.

I purchased these shears not for doing medical things but to cut up chicken necks for my pet dachshund. They are the only flesh cutting shears or scissors that I have found that can do the job. Very happy with purchase.

Lister Bandage Scissors feature an angled design with a blunt tip as well as a rounded sharp tip. The bottom blade is slightly longer, in a standard Lister design. Versatile scissors may be used to cut bandages, dressings and a variety of other materials.

What's the big deal with bandage scissors? If you're curious about trauma shears and bandage scissors, you're in the right place. This guide will explain the differences between bandage scissors and trauma shears and show you how first responders use them.

What are bandage scissors used for? Responders use bandage shears to cut and size dressings, ace wrap, and clothing. Bandages shears are similar to trauma shears, and some people might use the terms interchangeably.

Bandage scissors are sometimes known as trauma shears (though the two aren't exactly the same). Medical professionals use bandage scissors and trauma shears for all sorts of different things. Paramedics and nurses often have a set of shears ready to cut extra gauze or cling wrap.

Often, medical professionals might be dealing with a combative patient - someone who isn't cooperative (perhaps after a head injury). The blunt nose of the bandage scissors protects the patient from accidental stabs or cuts.

There are differences between bandage shears and trauma shears. Bandage shears tend to be smaller and slightly less robust. However, both can accomplish similar tasks, albeit with varying effectiveness.

For example, if you need to remove a bandage or a cast, then the more nimble bandage shears will be a better tool. However, if you need to cut a leather jacket, then a set of sturdy trauma shears will be more appropriate.

Bandage scissors are usually full stainless steel. A fully stainless-steel bandage shear allows the blades to be cleaned and sterilized if needed. While these are not for surgery, nurses might remove a bandage covering an open wound - in these cases, you wouldn't want regular trauma shears, as there could be gunk around the handles.

Cutting bandages. If you work in a wound clinic or a hospital, you'll likely use bandage shears for cutting dressings, light casts, or thin clothing. If needed, you can clean stainless steel bandage shears - important if you're working around an open wound.

You can use trauma shears as the windlass on an improvised tourniquet. In a mass casualty incident, you may need to make extra tourniquets. With a triangular bandage and a set of trauma shears, you can improvise a tourniquet. After wrapping the bandage around your limb, you can tie a knot below and about the center of the shears - then you just twist the shears until bleeding stops. If you're curious, check out this video on improvised tourniquets.

Lister Bandage Scissors is ideal for cutting gauze and bandages. This product is constructed of stain-resistant steel for long-term, high-quality use. These blunt sided utility scissors resist corrosion and rusting and are autoclavable. Options available for left or right hand.

Limited Lifetime Blade Guarantee - The blades of these scissors are guaranteed for life against normal use corrosion and breakage. What defines "normal use"? Most hospital and outdoor applications, not including exposure to highly corrosive acids, bases, etc. Lifetime guarantee does not cover edge retention. Breakage guarantee is for blades only. Does not apply to handles.

Another good feature is that these scissors are autoclavable, which means they can be cleaned and serialized in a quick manner in order for them to be used over and over again. They come with a lifetime warranty in case anything happens to them.

Like some of the others on our list, these medical scissors are also autoclavable. So if they happen to become contaminated with blood or other substances, you do not need to worry about throwing them away. They can easily be sterilized via autoclave.

These shears also have 7.5-inch blades that are made from stainless steel. And the pink handles really help these medical scissors stand out from the crow. They look and operate well for any medical worker.

Introducing ADC Lister Bandage Scissors from American Diagnostic ADC. The ADC Lister Bandage Scissors are ideal for cutting through strong materials such as fabric or plaster due to the way that the blades are uniquely angled. Created with floor-grade surgical stainless steel and backed by a one-year warranty, these scissors come in the following lengths:

This product is intended to be used by medical professionals or by students under supervision or with special directions. These scissors should be used in connection to bandage cuts, wound dressings, and drapes. Handle with extreme care.

These Mini Bandage Scissors are designed for comfort and portability. Featuring a flattened blunt tip for more precise cutting of bandages and dressings. Also great for trimming or cutting medical tape, clothing, or gauze. It's 3.5 inch size makes it the perfect addition to our EMT Tools MultiHolster or any other compact first aid kit. 041b061a72


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