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Road Trip Review Part 1

Our first Yung Campers road trip was a huge success. 3 weeks, 16 states, and several cups of coffee later, all while sleeping in a tent, we have returned. Below are the places we visited, and a *super quick* review of the first (1/3) leg of our trip. Let us know what you think of each, and if you've been there!

*DISCLAIMER*: COVID-19 has affected many of the places we visited, so we realize we may not have gotten the full, true experience of each of these great places.

Nashville, TN

Cool city, good food, cheesy main drag (Broadway) very affected by COVID

Memphis, TN

Thriving w/ culture, great live music and food. Visit Beale Street. Not MUCH to do

Oklahoma City, OK

In the middle of nowhere, but neat. Surrounded by Native reservations (The U.S. government did NOT give them great land, clearly)

Tenkiller State Park, OK

Awesome little park built around a dammed lake, very peaceful and serene. Lots of cabin and tent camping available (you can even spear fish here!).

Santa Fe, NM

Cool architecture, neat city square, not much to do here. The homelessness issue was very apparent :(

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